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Reverse Technology Mobile Exclusive Software to Desktop Computer: Tinder

Reverse Technology Mobile Exclusive Software to Desktop Computer: Tinder

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1 Reverse technology Cellular phone Exclusive software to desktop computer: Tinder Honours work for Carleton University Samuel Pra.


Reverse technology Smartphone unique Application to Desktop: Tinder Honours work for Carleton college Samuel Prashker – 100755635 monitored by: Dr. Dwight Deugo class of Computer research Carleton institution Ottawa, Canada

Abstract numerous applications existing on smart phones manage that program because of the ease, simplicity of use, and portability. But a number of these applications have no any features that varies according to the mobile program alone. Tinder, for instance, a mobile dating software, was created and developed for any main purpose of running on Android os and iPhone, restricting usage of those only ecosystems. From a security viewpoint and as a proof of concept in giving support to the discussion against cellular unique software, the Android form of Tinder has-been reverse designed to operate on a normal pc through a Universal house windows Platform program, called: Tindows.

Acknowledgments I would like to give thanks to my pals just who nicely donated her mobile phones throughout beginning methods of this task. Without them I would personally n’t have been able to start the very long and difficult procedure for network sniffing and reverse technology. I wish to thank Curtis Schouten for offering their screens 10 Tablet for screening on the worldwide application codebase on an actual mobile product. I’d furthermore love to specifically thank by name Patrick Cuerrier and Issa-Albert Kane are real people which were prepared to donate their unique profile while in the construction associated with application. Without their realworld information, many bugs wouldn’t are found.

Table of information 1. Introduction . 5

History . 9 2.1.

Representational condition exchange . 11

Safe Sockets Coating (SSL) . 11

Installing Android to Proxy site visitors through a Remote PC . 13

Circumventing Encrypted SSL visitors with a Man-In-The-Middle approach . 14

Documenting the Login procedure for Tinder . 16

Documenting the API Telephone Calls of Standards Tinder Task. 18

Tinder’s Revision Circle . 21

Initial action of Porting – generating a Tinder Client collection in C#. 23

Common screens system and Acquiring the myspace OAuth Token . 25

XAML and Facts Binding . 28

Tindows – The “SuperficialPage” . 29

Tindows – The “ConversationPage” . 31

Tindows – Alerts . 33

Listings and recognition. 35 4.1.

Validating the TinderAPI . 35

Validating an individual program and program experiences . 36

Summation. 39 5.1.

Potential Services . 40

6. Recommendations . 42 7. Appendix . 43

1. Introduction 1.1.

With the boom in smartphone usage and rise in popularity of cellular app ecosystems restricted to mobile programs (Bing Enjoy Store, Apple application shop, Microsoft shop), solutions that have functional or convenient usages on conventional platforms for example Desktops remain inside particles to-be overlooked. Applications are being exclusively created for special cellular application. There’s no pc webpage are given, but merely a web page to promote the smartphone application. This tactic of uniqueness can limit buyers’ choice whenever determining which solutions to purchase, which devices to get and which ecosystems to tie on their own to. Exercise monitoring and calorie-counting applications include an example of a challenge this is certainly fixed platformindependent. Eg, MyFitnessPal provides all-potential ways to work with their unique system: Android, iphone 3gs, screens telephone, and a fully highlighted site supplying similar usability into the mobile applications. The majority of programs that started ahead of the introduction of smartphones posses precisely ported their own solutions to cellular platforms (ex: PayPal, eBay, Amazon, Gmail, etc.). The problem is in software and companies that spawn strictly with a focus on the cellular industry. One problem is Tinder: a dating application for Android os and new iphone only. Despite online-dating are a traditionally platform agnostic problem, Tinder unfortuitously confines the users to two programs. What if the user switches to a Windows Phone? Imagine if a user do not have a phone and would want to access it on their Mac or screens device? There is absolutely no functionality supplied by Tinder that as a necessity needs a mobile system. As a result, I am going to be attempting to solve this by identifying the client-server design of Tinder and porting it to a Desktop customer that communicates with Tinder’s machines.

The motivation behind establishing a pc program tends to be destroyed into a number buddhist dating services of driving power. Mostly, once the culmination of my 4 years within a Computer and Internet safety focused flow, a project that demonstrates those honed expertise is a worthy cause to pursue. In deciding how Tinder communicates to its hosts, from a security standpoint, there will probably end up being many challenges to overcome, safety measures to thwart and details to spoof. More than likely your client developed will need to “act” like a mobile unit. The class from the protection in position should determine the difficulty in accomplishing this. Second, as an individual who doesn’t look at the Desktop platform to-be a dying industry, i’m really pushed assuring its survival. Although this task is only an educational proof-of-concept that it can performed, the message to take away is that you can perform, and that it ought to be done. Programs developed your mobile system needs just as accessible desktop computer countertop areas (given the application form does not use non-traditional desktop computer machines for example camcorder, GPS, flash light). Third, this really is a project that may call for working with technology that have been glanced over during my researches. In determining the traffic becoming delivered on the cable, you can find numerous technology such as for instance Wireshark that’ll need to be learned and used on this project. In addition, if there’s features the app does about device, it will be possible a de-compilation for the program is needed (in the example of Android it could mean de-assembling the applying to “smali” structure, one thing We have never ever done but are driven to understand).

The first goal would be to decide all types of telecommunications Tinder really does to do its application features, including (but not limited to) how might Tinder connect and authenticate to Twitter, just how do they communicate and authenticate on their very own computers, and just how do they obfuscate or encrypt or else protected their own interaction stations. The actions performed within the 6

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